Downloads & Links

Mineral Springs Brochure

Information and map of Manitou Springs’ mineral springs

National Cave and Karst Research Institute website

Research, Education, Stewardship

Studies Relating to the Mineral Springs, Manitou Springs, Colorado

Completed in 2011 by John Shomaker & Associates, Inc.

Mineral Springs Foundation

Comments on a Proposal to Modify Management of the South Rampart Shooting Range

Financial Feasibility Study

Proposed Mineral Springs Pool and Spa Facility

Manitou Springs’ Mineral Content Chart

A mineral content comparison chart of Manitou’s springs

Vulnerability of Manitou’s Mineral Springs Aquifer

Presented to Manitou Springs City Council 11/1/2016

Living With Karst

Karst-related environmental concerns

NPS Educational Caves and Karst Materials

Educational and outreach materials from kindergarten through college-aged students.